Safe Tree Checklist

Would you love to know how safe your trees are?

We have developed a FREE Tree Safety App available on the Apple App Store, which is a great easy tool to identify major tree hazards to look out for.


If you don’t use an Apple device I have also created our checklist in pdf form which is available here by clicking this link Tree_Safety_Check.

If youThe following are a number of questions included in our tree safety checklist.

  1. Is there fungi or mushrooms growing around the root system?
  2. Has there been any excavation or change in soil levels around the tree?
  3. Is the tree unstable or loose in the ground?
  4. Does the tree have a lean?
  5. Are there any hollows or cavities in the trunk?
  6. Is there a bees or Termites nest?
  7. Is there any bulging of the trunk?
  8. Is there any wounds or damage to the tree?
  9. Are there any cracks or splits where branches are attached?
  10. Does the tree have multiple stems growing from the same point?
  11. Does the tree have long heavy lateral branches?
  12. Does the tree have a heavy dense crown?
  13. Are there broken or hanging branches in the tree?
  14. Are there dead branches?
  15. Does the tree have a history of branch failure?
  16. Has the tree been affected by storm or lightening strikes?
  17. Do children play under the tree?
  18. Is the tree in a high traffic area or overhanging occupying buildings?

If you have answered YES to one or more of the above questions, then please contact us for professional advice and recommendations.

Please find below our Tree Safety Check pdf, as discussed on air at 11.30am this morning in our interview with Scott Levi ABC Central Coast. A basic tree safety checklist for parents, schools and home owners.