Tree Removal

The team at T&G Tree Services don’t just remove trees.

When faced with a tree in a confined space, we dismantle it using advanced rope and rigging techniques.

Whether we are lopping trees or removing them, we have extensive experience in rigging trees using ropes, cranes and even helicopters.  When it comes to larger spaces and block clearing jobs our highly efficient equipment and staff are able to handle and process material with the minimum amount of disruption to development schedules.

Taking Care of the Environment

We are aware that tree removal on the Central Coast can be a detriment to the environment and we endeavour to use materials and practices that have the least effect on native flora and fauna. We do this through consultation with local Councils, WIRES and community groups where sensitive areas are encountered. We also offer to supply and plant a tree, free of charge, for our customers for every significant native tree that we remove.

24 Hour Emergency Tree Removal Service

Use our 24hr emergency services to help you remove fallen trees or make safe hazardous trees during or after strong winds or heavy rain when trees can become loose in the ground.

It is also recommended that you have your trees regularly inspected by a qualified arborist after heavy wind and rain. Heavy rain can wash away or loosen the soil, and combined with strong winds, this can lead to whole tree failure.

For tree felling, tree lopping or tree removal across the Central Coast, please give us a call.