Matcham Tree Removal Lopping & Arborists Services


Matcham Tree Removal & Land Clearing Services by Tree and Garden

T&G Tree Services provide qualified and professional tree services within Matcham and surrounding suburbs on the Central Coast. Have a tree that needs attention?. Give us a call onĀ 0402 418 017

How much does it cost to remove a large tree or branch?

The cost of removal for a tree is all about the size of the tree and the access to and from the tree for workers and machinery. The cost will vary form $300 for a small tree in your yard up to $3,500 for a large tree with many variations in between. Additional cost may be experienced where the tree is in a hard to reach or in a confined location, or where aerial services such as power lines impede the usual tree removal process.

To get a more accurate idea of cost, it would be best to contact us

I have a dangerous tree

If you have an emergency (a dangerous tree, or you’re concerned about your kids safety, broken or low hanging branches etc), please call now on 0402 418 017 and we will come out ASAP. Otherwise you can contact us directly here.

What services do you provide?

Services we provide in Matcham and surrounding suburbs include –