Jungle Tamer

Customised Tree and Garden Packages to suit your every need:

We have packaged our most popular services to take some of the worry out of your day. Simply select which package you think meets your need and send us an email and one of our staff will contact you. We can then customise the package to suit your garden and budget. Please note that we are unable to allow for all variables on your property and the cost of packages is flexible.

Jungle Tamer – get that garden back under control!


Has your Garden Gone WILD? Have you left it too long and things have got our of hand? Then the Jungle tamer packages are for you.

Who? These are great for Property Mangers and Owners of Investment properties as well as residential home owners.

What? These are designed as one off back yard make overs to breathe some life and love back into your garden.

Includes: Mowing, weed control, green waste removal, tree trimming, tree removal and stump grinding. We have 3 different Jungle Tamer Packages to choose from.

Daintree $375* for small yards – ( or monthly package)

Congo $895* for medium yards – ( or seasonal package)

Amazon – $1865* For heavily overgrown residential properties ( one off annual cleanup – eg -prior to Christmas to get your house looking great)