Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive here at Tree and Garden.

Q. What trees do I need Council Approval for?
A. For information regarding Gosford and Wyong Council tree removal policies, (including forms) please click here.

Q. How much can I prune off my tree?
A. All dead branches can be pruned. Up to 15% of the live canopy may be pruned without too much detriment to the tree. Most Council policies also recommend no more than 15% be removed, however there are exceptions to the rule for hazardous trees.

Q. Do I need Council approval to prune my tree?
A. In most cases, no. Pruning to remove deadwood and limbs overhanging your house do not usually require approval. If you wish to prune more than 15% of the live canopy off your tree, then Council approval is usually required. Approval will be required for all work on trees that have been identified as endangered or threatened species, this also applies to trees that are on the Councils significant tree register. Dead sections may be removed without Council approval. If dead tree sections are a habitat to endangered wildlife, consultation with the Council and/or a wildlife group such as WIRES is recommended prior to pruning.

Q. My neighbours tree is overhanging my property and causing trouble – What can be done about it?
A. You can prune overhanging branches without consent as long as you are not pruning more than your local Council stipulates. This applies to tree roots as well. Also ensure that the tree species is not on the Councils list of significant species. For more information on Council requirements please click here.

Q. I am worried about borers in my tree.
A. Borers are a secondary problem. They get into a tree where there is a wound or when the tree is stressed. Prune out any dead and diseased limbs that can be a food source for pathogens. The borers can be dug out and the area treated with a pestticide. Make sure your tree has plenty of food and water  – ie; healthy soil conditions, and the tree will take care of itself.

Q. How much does it cost to remove a tree on the Central Coast NSW?
A. The price to remove a tree is all about the size of the tree and the access to and from the tree for tree workers and machinery. The cost will vary form $300 for a small tree in your yard up to $3500 for a large tree with many variations in between. Additional cost may be experienced where the tree is in a hard to reach or in a confined location, or where aerial services such as power lines impede the usual tree removal process.

Q. Is my tree safe? Are my kids safe to play in the backyard?
A. I liken having a tree to driving a car. Is my car safe to drive? Have its brakes been checked? Are the wheels on tight? In short – have your tree inspected by a qualified and experienced arborist annually. I stress the word, experienced, don’t engage an arborist who has no working knowledge of tree mechanics. Have your tree checked after heavy winds and rain, or if you see something different or suspect about your tree. It could be moving in the ground or it may have some broken branches hanging in the canopy. For an easy checklist read this post by clicking here. Alternatively you can download our Tree Safety App for iphone by clicking here

Q. When is the best time to prune my tree?
A.This will depend on your tree species and when it flowers. As a general rule, late Autumn and early Winter is the best time to prune most trees, while they are in a dormant state. However, remedial pruning and general tree maintenance can be carried out at any time of year, as our climate on the Central Coast of NSW is quite mild. For further information please read our post by clicking here.

Q.  Trees interfering with powerlines, plumbing, blocking sun, mould/shade, mess in pool, clogging gutters, roots lifting driveway.
A. Please check out our Services page here.

Q. What is an Arborist?
A. An arborist is a caretaker of trees. The common term tree surgeon or tree doctor is also apt, as an arborist can diagnose, treat and perform surgery on trees – pruning them or removing them as required.

Q. Do I need to paint or cover a pruning cut?
A.  No. Proper pruning to the branch collar does not need painting, dressing or covering. The tree will heal itself. Some paints and coverings can actually impede wound wood growth.

Q. What is stump grinding?
A. Stump grinding is done by a machine that has a set of rounded tungsten tipped teeth on a wheel that spins at high speed. As it spins the teeth grind or chip off small bits of the stump, turning it into small wood chips. For stump grinding please visit our stump removal page by clicking here

Q. Are you an insured tree service?
A. Yes, we have $20 million dollars public liability insurance for tree work and we also have appropriate Workers Compensation policies for our employees, as well as full comprehensive insurance of all our vehicles and machinery.