Council Policies and Approvals

What are the regulations and council policies, when it comes to removing trees on the Central Coast?

Council approval is required for most areas on the Central Coast – especially when it involves removing native trees. Gosford or Wyong Council must also approve pruning when more than a certain percentage of the tree is to be pruned back, or if the species is endangered or significant.

Before you begin the removal process, or if you’re not sure, please contact our qualified Arborist for more information and advice.

The following are a collection of local council removal policies.

Gosford and Wyong Council Tree Removal Policies

For more information on local Council tree policy in Gosford and Wyong Shires, please visit the following pages:

Gosford Council Tree Policy

Wyong Council Tree Policy – Removal of Trees

Wyong Council Tree Policy – Pruning of Trees


For tree removal application forms for Wyong Shire Council residents, please click this link: Wyong Council Tree Works Application

For tree removal application forms for Gosford Shire residents, please click this link: Gosford Council Tree Works Application