Should A Tree Be Removed Or Just Trimmed Back?

Let’s face it, trees can be highly hazardous, especially when they have never been inspected, pruned or maintained by a qualified arborist. When people come to our homes or workplaces, we all owe it to them to ensure they are entering a safe environment by keeping our trees safely pruned and maintained. At Tree and Garden Services, not only will we keep everything on your property safe, but also our experienced arborist will prune the trees so that the landscape looks beautiful all year round!

To Prune or Remove?

Trees are an integral part of the environment and we would prefer to keep and maintain them through tree pruning rather than removing the whole tree. How do we do this? Well, we not only focus on the biological health of a tree but also the structural health. We look at the mechanics of the tree and branch structure to determine whether target branches can be removed or pruned back. Safety is always paramount and we can prepare an arborist report for Gosford or Wyong Council if heavy pruning is required or if we recommend tree removal.

We carry out all our work in Gosford and Wyong and other areas on the Central Coast in accordance with the Australian Standard for the Pruning of Amenity Trees (AS4373 2007).

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