When is the Best Time to Remove Unwanted Deciduous Trees?

If you have unwanted deciduous trees, now, (Winter), is the time to remove them.

The most common deciduous tree species people have removed in the Gosford and Wyong region is the liquidambar, botanical name liquidambar styraciflua.

The main reason for their removal is that they are fast growers with have an extensive and aggressive root system that often does damage to pipes, driveways and building footings. Liquidambars also have very dense heavy crowns with lots of foliage in the summer months. Many also have poor branch unions at the trunk. This makes them more susceptible to branch failure in strong winds.

How much does it cost?

The cost of having a tree removed can be quite high for the average family. A good way to reduce cost is to remove them during winter. With no leaves on they are much easier to dismantle, with a lot less material to remove remove from the site.

The same can be said of tree pruning cost. So if its tree pruning or tree removal of a deciduous tree, save money and have the work done during the winter months, when all their leaves have fallen off.