Tree pruning for Gosford power lines

Hi, I’m William Jones, Director of Tree and Garden Services, a qualified arborist with 18 years experience, based on the Central Coast of New South Wales.We’re here today pruning some swamp mahoganies.  We’re removing these ones because they’re interfering with the power lines.  These power lines run the whole train network for the south coast; from Gosford through to Sydney, Wollongong and down to Kiama. We’re doing some noxious weed control, doing some spraying with some herbicide to control some lantana.

spraying lantana

Here we’re using a cherry picker or EWP(elevated work platform) to perform a height-reduction prune to reduce the height of the tree to clear the power lines, clear some area around the lights and security cameras of this facility


cherry picker

Here’s a good example of a nice, healthy tree.  It’s got nice, healthy wound wood growth; callus growth, that’s callusing or growing over an old pruning cut.  So that’s how a pruning cut should look in a couple of years time.  Eventually the wounds will heal right over.

pruning cut

And that’s it for this morning; hope you have a beautiful day.