Tree Lopping Can Do More Damage Than Good

What is tree lopping?

Tree lopping is the indiscriminate cutting of trees, where tree health, beauty or structure is not taken into consideration.

Tree lopping may be used to “make safe” hazardous trees after a storm, however it should never be a long term solution.

Trees cut as in this image below, should be completely removed.

Why is tree lopping so bad?

Tree lopping removes natural chemical boundaries within the tree that stop the spread of disease and fungii.

Open wounds of lopped trees or branches are open to infection. Columns of decay can then continue to eat the tree unimpeded.

The result? Trees lopped like the above image will end up like this image below. Hollow all the way to the ground. They may look fine from the outside, but internal decay will not be apparent to the untrained eye. An experienced tree worker or Arborist will be required to ascertain the extent of decay and conduct a tree hazard assessment. Note in this image there is no solid wood, only a wafer thin strip of live wood around the outside was supporting this tree which was 17m tall (and next to a house!)


Another reason tree lopping is not a viable long term option:

After lopping, a tree will put out new emergency growth. This growth stems from buds in the bark. So they are only attached to the outer layer of the tree.When these stems get big they can peel out – another tree hazard. See images below.

A large stem that has peeled out as a result of tree lopping.

The solution is simple, show the tree some respect and have your trees pruned by a suitably experienced and qualified Arborist. Either prune a tree properly or decide to remove a tree completely.

Please note that an experienced tree lopper may not do a proper job. And – a qualified Arborist, who just has a piece of paper, may do no better. You need someone who is both experienced and qualified.

Thank you for time reading this post,

Kind Regards,

Will Jones