Tree Care Tips Advice and Hints

Some basic Tree Care Tips:

  • Avoid excavation close to your tree
  • Avoid changing the soil level around your tree
  • Be mindful of the future size of trees when planting near amenities
  • Inspect your tree from the ground up
  • Be mindful of dead or hanging branches before walking under a tree
  • Touch and walk around the entire tree during inspection
  • Take note of your trees natural habit or lean
  • Look for changes in foliage size, density and colour
  • Look for increases in the percentage of deadwood
  • Noticeable defects such as fungi, wounds, cavities, cracks, bulges in the trunks or hollows should be inspected by an Arborist
  • An aerial inspection from within the tree canopy is recommended
  • Have your tree inspected by a qualified Arborist annually and after extreme weather events
  • Pedestrian access around trees with major defects, dead or hanging branches should be restricted

Aerial tree inspections pick up defects that can’t be seen from the ground