Removal of a Damaged Blackbutt Tree at Avoca Beach

Avoca Beach on the Central Coast, is well known for natural its leafy beach side environment. The dominant tree species along the coast here is eucalyptus pilularis, common name – Blackbutt. This species has long ranging branches, usually with an ascending structure where many of the branches are as tall as the centre crown of the tree itself.

As these branches compete for light the trees end up with long heavy lateral lower branches. This makes blackbutts particularly hard to work on, especially when they are located on sloping blocks surrounded by residential homes typical of the area.

Long heavy lateral branches create a lot of force on the branch/trunk attachment point or on other weak parts of the limb, particularly where they have poor taper or other damage such as an old wound or bird/insect damage. Attached is an image of a recent branch failure of a heavy lateral branch.

Luckily this time it missed the main residence and only created minor damage to a pergola.

Rather than opt for whole tree removal, remedial tree pruning once a year is recommended for your tree.

A strong, healthy tree is a safe tree! Tree and Garden recommend removal of dead, dying and diseased limbs as well as reducing weight of those heavy lateral branches to ensure the safety of your home and family. While we are in your tree we will perform an aerial arborist inspection to see if there are any other tree defects such as cavities, cracks or hollows that can’t be seen from the ground.

We service all areas of Avoca Beach and the surrounding areas of the Central Coast region of Gosford and Wyong Shires.