My Tree Has Discoloured Leaves. What should I Do?

Winter is drawing to an end and as you step outside you may see some of your trees and plants looking a little yellow. Most of us neglect our trees and gardens during the winter, and especially with the dry conditions we have had on the Central Coast lately, it can leave our lawns, tree and gardens looking a little off.

Budding Plants

You will also see that many of your perennial plants and trees are forming buds in anticipation of Spring. This sucks up a lot of a plants nutrients and energy. Now is the time to give your trees and gardens a good watering and a feed of fertiliser. We recommend using organic compost and mulch to improve the soil and set it up for *Summer, which can be supplemented with some soluble fertiliser such as liquid seaweed for an instant boost.

*Hot Tip: It is always best to be planning two seasons ahead for best garden results.

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