I’ve Got Dead Branches That Need Pruning

If you have dead branches in your tree, it is a good idea to have them pruned off.

1. Deadwood or dead branches can be a danger to the target area under your tree. Whether it be your house, car or children’s ┬áplay area, pruning dead branches removes the hazard. As in the picture below, it doesn’t take a very large branch to do damage.


2. Dead wood is a food source for decay causing organisms (pathogens) such as fungus (fungi) as well as wood eating insects. Dead wood can be a pathway for these organisms to get into your tree. Fungi can often remain undetected to the casual observer, a trained arborist may be required to spot them in your tree. Once past the trees protective walls the fungi can travel unimpeded through the tree, often eating out the centre of the tree unseen. This can cause a tree to become structurally unsound.

3. Excessive dead branches in a tree is a sign of tree stress, especially when accompanied by reduced foliage density. If your tree has a lot of large dead branches, this is typical of common bracket fungi, which can rot a tree right from the upper branches to the inner tree column and root crown.


4. Dead branches are aesthetically unpleasing. Pruning your tree to remove deadwood will give it a new lease on life both from a health and beauty point of view. Sounds great, especially when we apply that to other areas of our life.

Please ensure that you contract a suitably insured, qualified and experienced arborist to do the work, to ensure no further wounds are crated on your tree by back yard loppers.