COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan

COVID-19 Business Continuity Policy

Important Update: COVID-19

T&G Tree Service remains open and we have been actively monitoring Government and World Health Organisation (WHO) advice regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus). We want to take a calm and balanced approach, while implementing meaningful actions that prioritise the health and wellbeing of our people, customers and the community.

Protecting Our Customers, Our People & Our Community

At T&G we continue to maintain and clean our equipment to the highest standards. Since COVID-19 emerged, we have implemented additional cleaning procedures for our equipment including antibacterial cleans of any surfaces our customers or staff may regularly come into contact with e.g. steering wheels, handles, machinery and electronic equipment etc.

Our staff  and sub-contractors are being regularly updated with any additional hygienic tasks suggested by the Australian Government or WHO, and are well supplied with appropriate soaps, wipes, and personal protective equipment.

We are keeping our vehicles, offices and workshops sanitised – engaging extra cleaning services to help keep workspaces safe. We have implemented social distancing, our staff are required to travel in separate vehicles to job sites and our policy is keeping a distance of a minimum 1.5m from fellow employees, members of the public and tenants of properties that we are required to attend.

T&G have put in place a ban on travel, postponed all large-scale events, limited meeting sizes, and implemented “Working from Home” options for non-operational roles. We are also encouraging social distancing for employees who continue to serve our customers in operational and sales roles.

We continue to ask our staff to take leave if they experience any cold or flu symptoms and to follow the recommendations of the Australian Government Department of Health.

Assisting Our Customers, Our People & Our Community

We have equipped our staff and sub contractors with technology and procedures, including remote meeting solutions, so they can continue working. This helps encourage social distancing and maintains our social responsibility to others within our community.

T&G continues to remain in regular contact with all our suppliers and sub-contractors to minimise and any potential delays. We want to ensure the best service for our customers, making sure their trees and properties are safe during this difficult time.

What We Ask of You

T&G Tree Service is 100% Australian owned and managed, we pride ourselves on the continual commitment we make to our people, our customers and our communities.

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 and have been in contact with our people or equipment, please advise our staff as soon as possible, so we can act appropriately to keep everyone safe.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our team on 02 43846486

We’re here to help.

Stay safe, and keep looking out for each other.

Let’s make it happen.

T&G Tree Service