Central Coast Council Tree Removal Policies

Gosford and Wyong Councils have amalgamated, what will happen to their tree policies?

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Current Gosford Council Policy Simplified – Get Approval Unless*

*Put simply, any tree over 3m tall needs approval for removal within the Gosford Council boundary.


  • The tree is under 3m in height;
  • The tree is within 3m of a Council approved structure (pool, house, building);
  • The tree is part of a current approved DA (Development Application);
  • The tree is dead;
  • Pruning of branches directly over a Council approved building;
  • Pruning of branches interfering with service wires;
  • The tree is an exempt species: Camphor Laurel, Cocos Palm, Radiata Pine,Willow Tree, Rubber Tree, Non-native Fruit Trees, Umbrella Tree, Coral Tree and Golden Cypress Pine Trees.

Current Wyong Council Policy now aligns with that of Gosford and the Central Coast Council. Check our latest blog here for the update: Click Here



How do I apply for work on my trees?

Wyong Council: follow the below link:

You can follow this link to Wyong Councils website 

or download the form here:


Gosford Council please click on the link: Gosford Online Tree Works Application

Printable version for Gosford:


What is the future?

Both these Councils within the same demographic and geographic area have wildly different attitudes towards trees. I don’t see any change in the immediate future, but I would like to see Wyong Council shift their “cut anything down” policy  to align more with Gosford Councils policy towards the preservation and maintenance of trees in the Central Coast region. Note: Great to see they have now done this. (Edit note update 2018)

For any questions or to arrange a FREE quote or tree assessment: Contact an Arborist, Will Jones: 0402 418 017