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As part of the Central Coast Council, Wyong Council has now bought it’s tree policy into alignment with that of Gosford Council.

Previously most* trees were exempt for removal for residential properties in the Wyong Council area. This has now changed.

Highlights: All trees will now require approval for tree removal in Wyong.

Exempt Tree Works:

The following activities can, in most cases, be carried out without seeking formal Council approval;

  1. Trees within three (3) metres of an approved building (measured one (1) metre above ground level and between the face of the wall and the part of the trunk nearest the building), providing the tree species is not a threatened species or listed on Council’s Significant Tree Register or Heritage Item.
  2. Tree species listed in Appendix 1: Undesirable Species & Appendix 2: Noxious Plants; in Chapter 3.6 of the Wyong DCP 2013
  3. Branches directly overhanging the roofline of an approved building (in accordance with Australian Standard AS4373-2007);
  4. Branches within 1m around electricity and/or telecommunication wires
  5. Trees identified in the Rural Fire Service 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Scheme
  6. Specified vegetation may only be cleared in accordance with the 10/50 rules as set out in the Code of Practice.
  7. Removal of dead and or dangerous trees due to obvious instability or hazard. Evidence must be kept for a minimum of six (6) months and made available to Council if required. Evidence such as photos of the tree in situ and report by a suitably qualified and experience person, or statement from State Emergency Services (if the service carried out the works).

Follow this link for Wyong Councils website and further information.

How much does a Tree Work Application Cost?

Tree Works Application cost for one to five trees is $103.00 (GST Inclusive) and for six or more trees $103.00 base rate per application plus $33.00 per tree more than five trees (GST Inclusive).


How do I apply for a tree care maintenance?

You can follow this link to Wyong Councils website 

or download the form here:


Tree care inspection


Tree Removal Regulations for Gosford and Wyong City Councils

Note: This post has been updated. Wyong and Gosford tree policy has changed. For the latest 2018 rules please click this link.

Looking for a Tree Lopper in Gosford?

Most tree removal and tree lopping on the Central Coast, requires approval from either Gosford or Wyong Shire Councils. Although both Councils have recently amalgamated, care should be taken as both Councils still have slightly different guidelines when it comes to working on their trees.

You can be working on eucalyptus species tree pruning in Gosford, then drive 5 minutes up the road and be pruning trees in Bateau Bay (Wyong Shire), where it is a whole different ball game. Bateau Bay East is identified as a particularly unique and vulnerable coastal environment, and to their credit, Wyong Council has done a great job of preserving this natural habitat in the past – UNTIL NOW!

Wyong Council has recently updated it’s Development Control Plan and tree works guidelines. Previously trees within 3 metres of a building were exempt from approval  providing they were not on the Councils endangered or keystone species list and were not located in sensitive areas such as Bateau Bay East.

NOW all trees on residential blocks under 1500 square metres are exempt for tree removal in Wyong, unless they are endangered or keystone species! It should also be noted that endangered or keystone species, irrespective of height and distance from your home require Council approval for any tree works at all times. Exceptions to this rule are those trees identified as undesirable species. Be careful here as well, as some cultivars (cultivated varieties) of these undesirables are not classed as undesirables (eg robinia pseudoacacia).

Engaging a tree lopper in Gosford, the rules still remain the same, click here for a simple explanation.

The regulations are a bit of a mind field, you can find further documentation on this from Wyong Council or check out our tree service Central Coast page for Council approval forms and information. If you are still having trouble contact an Arborist on 43846486 or the Council officers directly.


Some trees in Gosford and Wyong Council are exempt from approval for tree removal

Some trees in Gosford and Wyong Council are exempt from approval for tree removal