Arborist Reports for Gosford and Wyong Council Tree Removal Applications

Arborist Reports – FAQ’s

What is an Arborist Report?

An Arborist report is an assessment on the health, condition and safety of a tree. The assessment may also include external factors that impact on tree health such as proposed construction works. The recommendations of a report will determine what action should be taken as far as pruning, removing or retaining a tree or group of trees.

tree branch pruning

When is an Arborist Report required?

Gosford and Wyong Shire require an arborist report to support tree pruning and removal applications of many keystone tree species. Arborist reports may also be required for development applications or as part of a commercial or private contract where trees under the local Council tree preservation order are affected by construction works.

How is a tree assessed?

Trees are usually checked by VTA – Visual Tree Assessment methods. An aerial inspection may also be undertaken to assess unseen hazards in the tree canopy.

ariel inspection

aerial tree inspections are a must

Firstly the tree health is assessed by checking foliage size, density and colour. The extension growth of new shoots, percentage of deadwood, amount of epicormic shoots and presence of fungi and other pests and diseases is also taken into consideration. A soil test to determine soil type and pH may also be taken if tree health is an issue. I would say that 90% of tree health issues arise form poor soil conditions.

Secondly the tree structure is assessed by checking the tree for structural defects such as poor branch unions, cavities, cracks, hollows and lean.

Thirdly, the tree safety or hazard of a tree is assessed, here we are looking at the target area below a tree combined with the probability and likelihood of tree failure from a structural defect. If a tree is over a house, busy road or footpath, then we consider this to be a high target area.

Next, the life expectancy, landscape significance and cultural/heritage aspects are also considered as part of the tree retention value.

What type of Arborist Report do I need?

Tree Hazard Report. A tree hazard report will focus on potential tree problems and the impact on people and property. An example would be a school hiring an arborist to inspect trees in relation to the safety of its staff and children. Tree hazard assessments are often commissioned by caravan parks, preschools, camp grounds and other government organisations. Tree hazard reports will usually accompany an arborist report to support a tree removal application to Gosford or Wyong Council.

tree safety audits

tree safety audits

Individual Tree Assessments. Tree assessments for individual trees are usually commissioned by private tree owners where there is concern over the trees health or safety. This type of report is often lodged with tree removal application form where a tree is found to be unsafe or has a low retention value.

Reports for development sites. These reports are usually commissioned by developers, builders, architects or engineers carrying out project or contract management. This type of report will often include planning for tree protection zones and ongoing tree care throughout a project.

tree protection zones

tree protection zones

Tree Management. Tree management systems are typically for parks, public facilities or landholders with large groups of trees that require ongoing care and maintenance. They include a survey of all trees, with a detailed schedule of maintenance.

If you have any questions regarding the health and safety of your trees, please give me a call on (02) 43846486.